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The Power of Electrotherapy in a Comfortable New Stimulator
About Z TEK
   Z Technologies, LLC is a Georgia-based company that manufactures and markets electrical nerve stimulators to the healthcare and sports medicine industries. Z TEK will allow you to effectively reduce chronic and acute pain in your management of one of the most critical aspects of patient health care - without invasive surgeries, without addictive drugs and without open-ended physical therapy. Patients that use Z TEK avoid the risk of possible adverse effects of various drug therapies, and the uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating, over-medicated effect is avoided.
   The technology is very effective at reducing swelling and the complications of post-surgical scar tissue. Z TEK is proven an effective therapy for patients who face barriers as they attempt to return to work and other daily activities.
  Z TEK is an advanced waveform technology that provides:
  • Soothing sensation
  • Safe and effective pain management aid
  • Can help reduse pain
  • Ease of use
  • Less expensive as compared to other devices that try to achieve the same effectiveness
  • Success where other types of treatments have been unsuccessful
Proudly Manufactured

in the U.S.A.
   Biologically the output waveform of Z TEK resembles the portion of an axon action potential during its initial depolarization up until the time of its relative refractory period. Although the frequency and amplitude of Z TEK are different the picture of the output waveform looks very similar to the natural axon action potential waveform. However no DC level is allowed in the output of a nerve stimulator which is mandated by the FDA. Since an axon cell membrane has a resting potential of approximately 70 millivolts, this would be a point of difference in the above comparison.
   Z TEK produces an electrical bi-polar asymmetrical exponentially decaying impulse pulse type waveform controllable in both frequency and amplitude with two channels available. The output of energy transfer to patients is described in the specification section and is referred to as microcoulombs. The term microcoulomb refers to the amount of energy available in the output waveform of each channel of Z TEK and relates the output energy of nerve stimulators to the application of electrical induction of analgesic effects to the human body.
   Thus, Z TEK gives its users the greatest control and degree of power output available to effect the maximum control and management of pain in the broadest spectrum of patient requirements.

   Electrical Stimulation Devices can affect the operation of demand type cardiac pacemakers. Electrical Stimulation is not recommended for patients with known heart disease without physical evaluation of risk. Do not stimulate over the eyes or carotid sinus nerves. Do not stimulate through the head ( transcerebrally ). Do not apply Electrical Stimulation for undiagnosed pain syndromes until etiology is established.
   Safety of Electrical Stimulation Devices for use during pregnancy or delivery has not been established. For external use only. Electronic equipment such as EKG monitors and EKG alarms may not operate properly when Electrical Stimulation is in use.

Federal law restricts the sale of this device on the order of a licensed physician or doctor, under the laws of the state where licensed to practice.
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